Potential areas for co-operation

Mid-long term projects

Hospitals and Health Care

Light aircrafts (training for civil and military, hobby flying - CZ number 2 world-wide)

Modular power stations ( trigeneration:  power + heat +  cooling) units with output 200KW-50MW

Transport means (trains, loco´s, trams, metro, buses)

Water management - waste water management and purification, water pumps

Power generation + transmission (Coal, Gas, Hydro, Wind, Solar, Nuclear)

Food processing (breweries, sugar mills, bioethanol)

Small passenger aircrafts (L-410, L-610 - very robust and durable for field airports Up to 40 passengers)

Energy storage, savings – smart cities

Construction/development projects (highways, railways, tunnels, metro, high-tech civil engineering)

Ecology and cleaning technologies (lowering emissions, site rehabilitation)

Beer (Original Pilsner and Budweiser)


Green energy – Hydro (up to 500 mil. AUD), Solar (up to 50 mil. AUD)

Grid balancing/operation (up to 500 mil. AUD)

Agriculture, Real Estate…